Wednesday, September 24, 2008


A List of Various Thoughts I have had Today while Experiencing the Sensation of Sinking
1. The only thing that will get me through Astro-Stat-Man's class is his pacing. The only thing that will keep me showing up is his Slavic (Polish) accent.
2.I should have bought my books before school started.
3. It's probably not safe for all these people to be here at once.
4. Those Bonded Money/Your Taxes at Work/Thanks, Suckers signs are some passive aggressive attempt to get people to stop voting for these road bills or whatever they are.
5. I'm assuming some major karmic debt for taking the last original oreo package.
6. This embargo on crossing the road in front of cell-phone using drivers unless I've received eye contact and some form of hand signal from them is probably indicative of an underlying trust issue, but I really only think about it after I've finished talking to my sister's friend in Homeland Security about whether or not ███████ is connected to ███████ in ██. It takes up nearly all my time.


popquizkid said...

3. I saw one of these signs today. It had fallen off of its post. I thought, "Huh. What's that saying to all of us poor shmucks? They can't even put the sign on the post correctly (enough) to keep it there for the span of its lifetime?" I mean, come on.

5. You should have known.

6. The road in front of your apartment is seriously jacked up. It'd give anyone anxiety issues.

Overall: Sinking, like those mini-dreams we have before falling asleep (like, falling)? Or sinking in a more general, more dispersed way?

misanthropic bastard said...

more dispersed, PQ1000. A general sinking feeling. And yes, fuck that road and its handlers.