Saturday, December 13, 2008

Six Years, eh? That's a long time...

What have you learned?

-The ergonomically ideal rise-run ratio for a staircase is 1:1.5.
And no one cares.

-Alliteration almost always annoys everyone.
And I don't care.

-There are goals and there are distractions.
And the distractions are so damn delicious.

-There are some people who are completely comfortable with being naked in public.
And some smaller set of people who are comfortable with being simultaneously naked and sober in public.

-There are at least fifteen ways to obscure the meaning of a sentence.
But only one ever looks right.

-"Byzantine" means complex and intricate.
Oddly enough, some of the words you learn in college describe college better than they describe whatever context you learn them in. (Art in this case)

-"Synecdoche" means a part can be used to refer to the whole it comprises and vice versa.
And is also part of the pretense for a movie by Charlie Kaufman

-There are goals and there are distractions.
And the distractions are so damn delicious.

-Whether a president is a jack-ass or a bad ass is roughly dependent on geography.
As are many other things.

-I like the word "manifold." I like it so much that I had to edit the above tabulation several times because I kept typing [something else that used the word "manifold" but to type it here would be cheating.]
I think I like... that word... because I watched a lot of Star Trek.

-Mistakes were made but, if I had the chance, I'd make them again.
Ideally, with notes.

-The best ideas come at the worst times.
Like when I am trying to go to sleep, in the shower, or driving my big sexy truck. (I still don't have a tape recorder. (You know, it is the gift-giving season.))

-If you keep throwing emotionally charged-arguments at a wall, some of them are bound to stick.
And then the wall is transmogrified into a parrot.

-Everything is such that it stands in the "like" relationship to someone, but nothing is such that it stands in the "like" relationship to everyone.
And no character map is such that you won't find yourself missing your Mac.

-Death is the absence of presence, but absence is the presence of distance.
Faith and Quantum Physics (dare I say "or Faith in Quantum Physics?") have tidy solutions for this apparent contradiction.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blurhggle Gurggle durggle mrgle.

Woo hoo sequential-art-pictures! Daily Gems from Wondermark,, Penny Arcade, and xkcd. Enjoy.
Also re: the penny arcade comic, it turns out some people that are not necessarily his press secretary care about this. Further proof that Americans, or a sub set of Americans that are persistent enough to be named a constituency of the news media, have completely lost their shit. The president is supposed to represent you in an exclusively legislative capacity. It is not a big deal if he smokes, plays Playstation instead of Wii, (or vice versa) or uses a digital media device that one giant software company made to compete with another giant software company's extant digital media device. Stop reporting on this trivial stuff. Barack Obama is going to turn radioactive waste into lime jell-o and I don't want future historians to figure out that he was just a man.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Brief Post in Which Elliot Weighs in on Something Tangentially Related to (American) Football

I like funny shirts.
I have an aesthetic to my funny (tee) shirts and it is simply this:
There is limited space on a tee shirt to use before clutter, entropy if you prefer, occurs.
As such, line drawings are better than photo realistic pictures and silhouettes are better than line drawings.
A picture is worth a thousand words, but words still tell the joke.
The picture presents the conflict.

So I am waiting for a new shirt, most likely in red, white, blue. It will have, from left to right, a graphic of track pants, a inequation sign, and a graphic of a holster. I don't know what text if any is necessary to clarify.
Maybe both of these graphic will be shown in relation to a man with a gun, but I think the essence of the joke lies in track pants, gun holster non-identity.