Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sometimes I like to Pretend I am a Cartoon Character

I haven't been staying at home much lately. It would even be accurate to say I am getting out more. So while I don't know if I am the best judge, I would say that it appears people, not necessarily "people like me" are getting out more. I have come to this bold conclusion because the places I go to seem busy. I suspect no one can cook other than the service industry.
And soon there will be a rush at the supermarkets, I suspect, even though I haven't been at one of those places in a week, because people will be able to keep things cool the way they do.
So I have an innovative solution to the financial crisis you may or may not have heard of:
Shut the power off in a random residential zone for three days every month. Call it the "Get the Fuck Off your Computers and Out of your Houses" plan.
You'll thank me later.

In other news, it's true that I sometimes like to pretend I'm a cartoon character instead of a real-life character. These photos were produced using a hypocritical photographer, a computer with an over-screen camera, and a bottle of Neutrogena Clear Skin cream. (Left on for longer than five minutes with no (noticeable) ill effects.)


popquizkid said...

How will getting the fuck off my computer and out of my house help me with my financial "crisis"? Because it hasn't so far. It hasn't really furthered the "crisis," either, but it hasn't helped. I'm just saying, I'd like to hear your argument.

Pic1: You look like your real-life character, only with white stuff all over your face.

Pic2: Definitely more cartoon-y. Might have something to do with the possibility of another character, off-screen.

Pic3: Over-dramatic. Very cartoon-y.

Pic4: I am torn between thinking, "Scary!" and "Sad!" Which seems right for a cartoon. Well done.

Pic5: Sort of superhero-y.

Pic6: Too much behind the eyes to be a cartoon character. Back to real life.

misanthropic bastard said...

Well, spending money is good for the economy right? People are spending money now. or if you prefer.
Situation: The economy is sad.
1. The quickest way to cheer up an economy is by putting money into it.
2. People without electricity will spend more money for manifold reasons.
Conclusion: blackouts are good for the economy.

Thanks for doing your part, btw.