Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh, I'm gonna make it do what it do baby.

Completely moved out.
Completely, of course, does not include 1. A small fan.
2. A grill.
3. A pastel drawing of a lizard and an ant.

Otherwise, we're golden. It's very quiet here, so I opened the window and I can hear the drunks walking to and from Sloopy's or Miani's or Chachkey's or whatever it is this week.

Indy is laying down exactly behind me. Scratch that.

EVERYONE - My cat can read. She wants to make me into a falsifier of information. And in the most passive aggressive way. She's rubbing my legs now. What an underhanded sneak.

Also, I've been to the supermarket twice today. In an effort to stop living out of Taco Bells, I figured out three easy meals I could make out of one pot...
one pot...
I have no skillet. No sauce pan. No double-pot vegetable steamer thing.
I have a slow cooker and a french press and a casserole dish.

And a pot.

SO I bought coffee and stuff for mashed potatoes and was creeped out boiling water on an electric range and guess what. I don't have any cleaning supplies. Now I do, and a belly full of carbs and some bubble bath. I'm going to edit and then take a (well-deserved god damnit) bath.

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angelfantabulous said...

My friend used to have a cat who could read.

Mashed potatoes are *yum*. This post makes me want some. I buy instant though. The kind where all you have to do is add water. I'm all about reconstituting food.