Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Devil Waiting Outside Your Door

I'm writing this under the gun. (Not really, I just might have to save and split) I'm getting the keys to my apartment tonight.  Here are some things I've been looking forward to once I'm finally moved in. 

1. Sleeping on the Floor
  -at least once.  the floors are carpeted so it won't be entirely uncomfortable. further updates once I try it out.
2. Book Stacks
  - i have a lot of books.  they're all in boxes now because, duh, but they're typically mostly in boxes anyway.  I'm looking forward to implementing the School-Haven't Read- Reread- Put Away stacks now that I have the room for it.  
3.  Not flushing. and flushing. and flushing.
  -you know, i'm a "if it's yellow let it mellow" fellow.  on top of that, i'm not really phased by the last kernel of shit that doesn't get flushed down.  maybe i'm weird.  i just pull hairs out of my food too.
4. Cat Torture
  -i've thought up so many improvements on the thumbscrew technique sara pioneered.  what if it doesn't work out though? my roommates would have totally noticed if indy wasn't walking around the apartment anymore begging to be fed. 
5. Radical Self-Reliance (Shut up, hippy)
  -every mess in my apartment will be my own.  it can fester or be cleaned, but i'm the only one there is to blame for the latter.  i like festering.   seriously though, all my distractions are my own, all mine.  [imagine 3 hour break for meeting landlord and moving]
6. Visiting my old roommates
  -i like them. 

So I've got raw knuckles, my shoulders hurt, and I've moved my comic books, my books, and my plates. I put the plates away and filled some ice trays.  There's baking soda everywhere.  Utilities get turned on tuesday.  I'll move another batch tomorrow, when I don't have shit to do.

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