Thursday, July 31, 2008

Photoblogs: Une Tragedie (7.25.08) et Collage

You may not know this about me, but I'm a little obsessive.

Like, bite my nails, bend my mind until it bends the spoon kinda crazy-obsessive.

Which is great.

But I end up telling myself I should take it easy alot/mellowness is a strength/a "what's the point" mentality only loosely correlates with apathy/having it your way is for fat Americans. And for some self-loathable reason, I'd rather not be American/that kind of American/even though I REALLY am that kind of American, but in a really passive way.

I pace before I put my pants on.
I panic about how my mind is presented on paper (or electronic representations of paper)
I want my coffee.
My way.
But that's it.*
*I bought a new press saturday morning...

Also another picture I took that I really liked (edit:like!) : the Time cover says "Secrets of the Teen Brain"

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angelfantabulous said...

Nice photo blog.

I *heart* photo blogs:)