Wednesday, July 16, 2008

last day of workshop reactions

1. Today was my last day of Creative Non-Fiction

2. I need some sort of coffee negator. Pizza does not pile on top of coffee well. Egg sandwich yesterday did not work so well either. The fruit was good. Maybe I'll buy more fruit.
a.Fruit is expensive.
*so is pizza, but pizza and coffee consumption overlap is rare.
b.FiberOne bars seemed to work well. Were also yummy, though inferior to fruit-yum.
*added bonus of scheduled poo.
c.perhaps a fruit/fiber bar compromise is in order.

3. The date on the manuscript/story/essay/piece I handed in was 08.10.08.
a. clearly not August, according to recent conversations about national holiday/celebrations observing n.h, computer and paper calendars, etc.
*perhaps some obscure reference?
-nothing interesting happened specifically on 08.10.08 in 1008, and even I wouldn't have suggested something more obscure than that (i.e. 1908, 1808, 1708, et cetera).
-and what's the point of a time travel reference when I'm talking about the past?
i. Actually that makes a lot of sense
ii. and I did it on purpose
iii. and will always act like I meant to do it on purpose
iv. and admit that I am a liar.
b. I have no idea what month it is.
*it's a miracle I showed up at CNF at all.
*the numeric date system is archaic/for computers and a pain in the ass/the first sign of their takeover.
-The only reason second star didn't get it's own letter is because I'm afraid of being shipped off to Chiron Beta Prime before Christmas.

4. This is my last writing workshop at tOSU.
a. barring some catastrophe in the "failure to graduate in a timely fashion/communicate the requirements to graduate clearly' department
*it's the "failure to communicate the requirements to graduate clearly" department.
*no, it's the "failure to graduate in a timely fashion" department.
b. I've been (over) compensating for this for three months now.
*fictioneers' club
*writing like crazy
*no more video games
*own apartment
c. but I'm still not trying to publish.
*granted, as far as I can tell, this is the doldrums of reading time.
*I should submit to the novella contest in october.
-it'd be nice if writing paid the rent.
i. lol

5. More than anything, this class has taught me to run for humor, rather than grope around blindly for it.
a. if that looks like a metaphor for gender relations, it's probably just because of the word "grope."
*I wouldn't want to reinforce those classic stereotypes like:
-men should pursue women
i. as opposed to "women should pursue men" or "women should pursue men as well."
-sex should happen in the dark.
i. with blindfolds on.
-sexual preference is analogous to sense of humor.
i. acquired mostly over time
ii. somewhat influenced by parents
iii. primarily controlled by media/mitigated by choice of media.

6.and lots of people have lots of different things to talk about.


popquizkid said...

How do you feel about indenting?

misanthropic bastard said...

it's super awesome. I don't know how to do it aside from pressing the tab or space key.

popquizkid said...

There is an HTML tag, < dd >, that let's you do something like an indent. I tried giving an example here, but the comment function won't allow it. Here's a page that explains it:

(Oh, and my previous comment was an attempt at humor. Maybe I was just groping?)

misanthropic bastard said...

very helpful tag, may try and figure out css some day, if I'm stuck at a bus stop.

< sarcasm > How do you feel about indenting? "< /sarcasm >

no emotive html tags: further proof of our shadowy robotic overlords

angelfantabulous said...

I understand you must be too emotionally drained to post Number Seven. Allow me:

7. So overwhelmed with grief, our hero could barely trudge back to his apartment after workshop. Never mind the sweltering heat, his tears had drenched his clothes so they weighed upon his body as if he were, in fact, wearing The Iron Suit of Despair.*

*Here you may be wondering What is this Iron Suit of Despair? Well, my friend, it is the Despair of a thousand words (or, as the case may be, 1400 words) with no eyes to look upon them. Yes, yes. It is despair like no other.

misanthropic bastard said...

I'm guessing there's more markup for Gore! Otherwise, I don't know what the Iron Suit of Despair is, but I'm intrigued and I'm willing to bet it has a shot in movies.

Also, thanks for giving us our workshop letters back. It's occurred to me that all I really have to show from six workshops is a shoebox full of marked-up manuscripts and poems (favorite criticism: "this doesn't mean anything") and, you know, immeasurable experience. But it's nice to have an artifact that shows I tried to help people.

Especially because I had to.

Squid said...

I agree with angel's point number seven. That's how I felt. But then again if you had an extra poo to take maybe you were too pre-occupied with hurrying home to crap to notice how sad you were that CNF is over.

I know I am groping for humor there. Also, I'm not funny.

misanthropic bastard said...

no, just class. (another "course" not "dignity")

maybe i'll feel more sentimental when i finish these revisions.

i wish everything i wrote was magic on the first go through.