Monday, July 28, 2008

The Hatred of One Thousand Dying Stars

Also, I hate that plastic packaging that cannot be opened without scissors, knives, or finger cuts. Why does it exist other than to fill me with incommunicable rage. I mean, maybe there's some product display going on, to which I reply "eff you, I'd prefer a jar" Maybe the jar idea isn't cost effective, but you know, cardboard works too. And I can fold cardboard. It has tabs. It actually was folded at one point. I feel like I'm restoring some sort of balance to cardboard when I throw it out.

As opposed to mutilating plastic with a knife.

Because I don't own any scissors that are longer than an inch.

Stupid, contoured, cheap-ass, plastic packaging.

Light bulb is nice though.*

*Expect another blog in four years about how it didn't last five years/they should say it doesn't really run for five years, it stays on for x number of hours. (Elliot make no claims to perpetual optimism.)

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popquizkid said...

I wonder if the plastic packaging has something to do with theft? Or maybe not actual theft, but just preventing shoppers from being able to pry the item out of the packaging (to see what it looks like, for example)? That doesn't really work for a light bulb, but I bought my niece a Barbie Girls mp3 player for her birthday and it came in the type of packaging you describe. I was quite distressed, because the mp3 player came with a pair of "earrings" and I needed to find out if they were for pierced ears (my niece doesn't have pierced ears) and I had absolutely no way of finding out if they were or were not. Turns out the "earrings" actually just snap into the earbuds (my niece and I determined that this looks really weird), but the packaging infuriated/s me. But maybe it served its purpose? And from mp3 players to light bulbs...