Tuesday, October 2, 2007

thoughts for the pre-school set

this means you nora-daughter-of-john

Do whatever you can to convince your parents/ teachers/ mentors/ everyone around you that everything you do is genius. Even when you go to the bathroom, you should be able to spin it into gifted and talented tinkle. If it's brown, before you flush it down, run and tell mom and/or dad just how great it was and how you even seem to know just when to squeeze your sphincter for the perfect brilliant length.
Why? (which, by the way, is a question your brain should never stop asking)
Once you have the educated people in your life convinced that your a smart cookie, they start doing the work for you. I'm not saying this to stunt your growth. Quite the contrary. Learn to read and do your times tables, but once you've got that down, start reading stuff in other languages, or learn to paint or play the oboe (do people still play the oboe?) my point is: convince everyone that your smart and they'll let your mind grow so that you'll be smart. Or maybe my point is that intelligence, like beauty, is in the organ of the beholder. I never know what half of the waste I spew means anymore.

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