Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Headline Reads: Falling Novel Kills one.

Aunt Nuria lived off an aspirator for years
and smothered under the tube last night.
She had skin that was like blue bic ink
and her mouth was agape, pink
around the white of what was a wad
that went the whole way down, into
everything she ever was. Obituary read survived
by one.


She walked with a pad and a pen, then
had a laptop, then a typewriter, because
it gave the words weight. That was her
idea. But by the time she was bed-ridden,
she'd been on pencil.lin, because she
hadn't been writing, she'd been typing,
That was someone else, who
she misunderstood. She
inevitably would be.

REVENGE at last: The heranucleous
survives. Life through the ingested
ball of paper. A decade
inscribed into a box. The maddening
end is both a death sentence and
an epiphany (mystical,
but with clarity) so she hid it,
like we do with all good things.
and there's the connection,
that and the artifact.

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