Tuesday, October 2, 2007

bean brain

There are times when I'm convinced that the brain cell I use to store one byte of information either overlaps or is the same as the brain cell I use to store another byte of information. (Yes, that sentence gets a little hairy in the middle.) Allow me to illustrate.

You were totally expecting a picture, weren't you? No, I'm going to give you an example. It's a true-to-life one though. George Orwell. Everytime I think of George Orwell, I think of Animal Farm and fighting with socialists in Spain. Then, I start to think of radio broadcast, War of the Worlds, Rosebud, and a variety of desperate advertisements meant to keep a fat man afloat in the twilight of his career. There's a reason I'm using examples instead of a name, that's because I can't think of it. The fact is, I can't remember (excuse me while i visit wikipedia) Orson Welles' name if I think of George Orwell's name first, and vice versa. It's a common experience that I attribute the creation of Animal Farm to Orson Welles, however, I have an explanation for this. Ever notice how Orson Welles had that Fidel Castro beard once he got older, that might make the Animal Farm thing more believable. All things considered, ORson WELLes isn't not at all mistakeable for George orwell. I don't know how I keep getting them mixed up all the damn time. In times of doubt, I blame comic books, they've always played with my perception of time and continuity.

Anybody else get people, places or things mixed up? For that matter, is a place just an immobile thing? Discuss-thing!

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