Tuesday, October 2, 2007

bulletshot/ come outside and play

The world's not getting any bigger and we're still denying the obvious. In Japan, they have this crazy idea thatwe can stack people on top of people on top of people
(ad infinitum)
up into the stratosphere. Arcology, the greeks call it. or anybody who wants to refer to a city crammed into a vertigo-inducing star-scraping resource chewer but still mantain a bit of brevity. But it's still a stall. Eventually we'll run out of either places to put buildings or flat land to feed those buildings. Then what? Once we've used all our inhabitable area, life just becomes a math problem. The Japs are at least partly correct, but while salvation does lie upward
(oh no, he's God-bombing us now.)
it's not an Earthly salvation.
(yup, there it is.)
Our burning bush wants to go back to the moon for some reason, but I say we need to get that rusty red jewel in our crosshairs, that war prize in the epic human battle for the next millenium. All that extra insulation we're putting on around us is the smoggy hope for making Mars a liveable land. A thin atmosphere like the one around Mars makes for cold air and water that goes from ice to vapor instantaneously. Throw some greenhouse gases in the mix and you've got rivers and a warm climate. Put some plants in that rich Martian soil and the carbon dioxide laden atmosphere starts filling with refreshing little bursts of oxygen. Granted, it might take a while, but we're not doing anything else, right?

We're over 20,000 years old and the farthest from the house we've gotten is a little run around on the front porch. Why don't we go out and play?

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