Tuesday, October 2, 2007

those flowing locks

you know what i think? they should have an actress play Thor. yes, they're making a thor movie now. iron man's a bad guy and he gets a movie. the hulk's a bad guy and he gets a movie. captian america dies and he gets a movie. thor comes back from the dead, just in time for a movie. impeccable timing at marvel.
at my dorkiest, i think katee sackhoff would be great for the role. most of that has to do with her playing starbuck on battlestar galactica where she constantly boasts and antagonizes colonel tigh into mutterings, not unlike the godchild himself.
really though, what brings on the impluse for gender-bending? THOR LOOKS LIKE A MUSCLE BOUND GIRL! pardon the outburst, but it's effective in a few ways. and honestly, any guy who can act won't be the right size either, so let's embrace it.

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