Tuesday, October 2, 2007

on doing

there's a little organization system I have for the obligations I keep in my head. To-dos are filed into stressin,' pressin,' exciting, and not-even-on-the-fucking-map.

"Stressin" and "exciting" are accurate monikers describing the feeling I take away from planning sessions. Whenever i begin to make plans about actually doing these to-dos they are filed accordingly.

"Pressin" is truly a prestigious class. When a to-do has graduated to "pressin," it's due tomorrow and, in true shambolic fashion, I investigate what comes out of the fevered scribblings of one sleep deprived night. I am a student on the edge. People will look back at what I'm doing and thing "damn, he changed the way we thought about thinking."

because, you know, you never really have to think critically in these rackets.

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