Monday, February 4, 2008

a bought of generational talkin'

A while back I was putting a great deal of time and energy into a top ten comics of 2007. Nothing came of it because I'm an over-critical prick when the time for retrospection comes and until that time comes, I'm eager to say that everything is "freaking genius." I suppose "eager" is doing the most work there. It's a tough word, I'm proud of it.
One of the comics that was on that misconceived list was Army @ Love. I went on about Urskine evocative (of the 1950's, not of the female form in the flesh) pens and pencils and the Veitch's brilliant satire. "Misconceived list" is a little misleading and I should get rid of it, but the list was misconceived and I felt like it was a waste of time in some respects, however, Army @ Love was, and I can't stress this enough, one of the finest comic of 2007 and if you don't pick up the trade you're doing yourself a disservice.
So that's a really roundabout segue, but I'm wordy-guy, and I believe in Words. Words made me my fortune...
More recently, Veitch talked about generation X in Army @ Love, he called the generation after generation Y and my brother's generation generation PWNed. A couple of characters are having this conversation, a guy in his mid thirties representing the gen Xer and a nineteen-to-twenty-two-year-old representing Gen PWN. Of course a bunch of ancient men have told Gen PWN that Gen X screwed everything up, and it's up to them to fix it, thus the moniker. The Gen Xer then rebels against this idea, loses control of his vehicle, and has to be bailed out of trouble by the Gen PWNs.

Of course what really got my eye was gen y. I never said I wasn't self absorbed. One of those recurring thoughts I have (I'm far too literal to have recurring dreams) is "I'm sorry sir/madame, but ,what the fuck?" This is usually uttered to a head of state or authority figure. It's in the spirit of self-examination, of course. More to the point, those points I get to in my writing where I come to dubious conclusions or at some point at night the only word that can be uttered is "What?" What I'm getting at, specifically, is what the Gen Y questions are going to be. I think "hey guys, what was up with all celebrities? That got kinda cult-ish, didn't it?" would be a good one.

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